School Life

History of the School

Gyosei International School was founded in 1979 as a branch of the well-known Gyosei Gakuen in Tokyo for the purpose of providing education for returnees. The high school division was created in 1981. In 1984 Gyosei International School became an independent entity from the Tokyo Gyosei Gakuen. In 1996 a co-educational elementary school was established and the junior and senior high school divisions became co-educational.

Dormitory Life

More than 300 (over 80% of the junior and senior high school population) Gyosei students live in the dormitories. Dorm life teaches the students to live and communicate with non-family members, fosters a sense of the rules necessary for communal life, and helps students to grow into adults who are balanced in their relationships with others. More time can be devoted to concentrated study during the evening study hall hours. Many Gyosei students actually talk to their parents more than when they were living at home, perhaps because the students learn to appreciate family and are able to spend time conversing during the many breaks throughout the year.